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Fees and Charges
Charges for Hong Kong Securities Trading
Fee and Classification Rate/Amount(HK$)
(A) Securities Trading - Fees and Charges
Commission Fee 0.20% on gross consideration; Min. HK$88
Transaction Levy (charged by SFC) 0.0027% of gross value;Paid to SFC
Trading Fee (charged by SEHK) 0.005% of gross value;Paid to HKEx
Stamp duty 0.1% of gross value;Min. HK$1(HK$1,000 per unit)
Clearing Fee 0.008% of gross value (0.002% will be paid to Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited);Min. HK$6;Max. HK$500
(B) Nominee and Settlement Service Charges
Loan Interest Rate As Low as Prime Rate + 3%
S.I. Deposit Free of Charge
S.I. Delivery Each stock HKD10 per lot, min HK$100, max HK$500
Scrip Fee for Registration HK$2 per Board Lot/Odd Lot;Dividend/Bonus Shares
Share Split/Consolidation Free of Charge
Handling Fee for Bonus HK$20 per case
Shares & Bonus Warrants/Cash Dividend Collection 0.4% on Gross Dividend Amount;Min. HK$20;Max. HK$20,000
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty HK$5 per Transfer Deed
Deposit of Physical Shares Free of Charge
Stock Custody Fee Free of Charge
Withdrawal of Physical Shares HK$3.5 per Board Lot and Handling Fee HK$30 per Stock
Withdrawal of Delisting Stock HK$2 per Board Lot/Odd Lot
Subscription of Warrant/Rights/Open Offer/Preferential Offer HK$0.8 per Board Lot/Odd Lot and Handling Fee HK$100;Max. HK$20,000
Auto Exercise & Mandatory Call Event (FOR RTS ONLY) HK$0.8 per Board Lot/Odd Lot and Handling Fee HK$100
Cash Offer HK$0.8 per Board Lot/Odd Lot and 0.25% Handling Fee on Gross Value;Handling Fee: Min. HK$100; Max. HK$20,000
Privatization HK$0.8 for Handling per Board Lot/Odd Lot and HK$ 2 for Scrip Fee (if any);Min. HK$100
Handling Fee for IPO Application Free of Charge
IPO Financing HK$100 per Application per Stock and Loan Interest
Returned Cheque HK$100 per case
Extra Daily Statement/Monthly Statement HK$20 per case;Free of charge for the last three months
Chats Payment HK$180 per case
Remittance(Outward/Inward) According to related bank's charges
Fees and Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
Notes: The charges above are for reference only; charges are subject to change by the Company at any time without prior notice. Please contact your Account Executive if you have any enquiries.